Advantages of Voice Search

  • Voice Search enables multitasking while cooking, in the bathroom or even on the car ride and supports us in everyday life.
  • Especially people with weaknesses like illiteracy, dyslexia or physical limitations like visual impairment benefit from Voice Search.
  • Response time is shortened; companies achieve more closeness and sympathy through the use of voice.

Disadvantages of Voice Search

  • By using Voice Search, no website or ad is clicked. Impressions, clicks, and visits do not occur.
  • Voice Search does not take into account switched advertising.
  • Often conversions such as signing up for the newsletter do not occur.

Voice search focuses on people and language. SEO, therefore, means optimization for people. Those who know the questions of their target customers and provide perfect answers are best prepared. Google’s ranking factors become even more important because voice search only benefits those who are at the top of the ranking.