Create an online survey in 6 steps: Instructions and tips

You would like to create a survey? Online survey software like HeyForm could support you optimally, because the creation, implementation, and evaluation of surveys are cost-saving and easy to implement with an online tool, without any programming knowledge. An online survey can be created with little effort. For a successful survey project, it makes sense to keep a few considerations and procedures in mind. Therefore, we have compiled the following instructions for you in 6 steps.

1. Plan your survey

To successfully create a survey, careful planning is required. It is important to clarify important questions early on: What goals do you want to achieve with the survey and which target group are you addressing? Should the survey be conducted in several languages? You should also consider the timing and data protection aspects – such as the involvement of the works council in an employee survey during the planning phase.

2. Questionnaire creation: Formulate questions and select question types

In the second step, formulate an appropriate number of short, unambiguous questions that are neither suggestive nor judgmental, and select suitable question types for your questionnaire: Single choice, multiple-choice, scale question, open-ended question? If possible, provide different question types in the sense of a varied questionnaire that your target group will be happy to answer. Take a look at our survey templates, which you can use as a guide for questions and question types. We provide the templates free of charge for use in your LamaPoll account.

3. Bring structure & dynamics to your questionnaire

Once you create a survey, a meaningful questionnaire structure is necessary. Are all questions relevant to all respondents or only to certain ones? This is a key aspect of questionnaire dynamics. With certain functions such as Conditional Visibilities, questions and questionnaire pages can be shown, hidden, or skipped specifically for survey participants. The sequence of questions is also an important point: Which questions do you ask at the beginning of the survey, and which ones rather at the end? A well-thought-out questionnaire structure or questionnaire logic that makes it easy to go through the survey without confusion is crucial for a successful survey with a high response rate.

4. Design your survey

Part of creating a survey is, of course, creatively designing the online questionnaire. Give your questionnaire an appealing design, adapted to the corporate design of your company/organization and the content of your survey. Our tool offers you numerous features for individual design: Upload company logo and colors, integrate your corporate font, and background images, and a dedicated CSS section where you can use CSS commands to color questions and buttons and create new elements such as info buttons, among others.

5. Choose the right participant invitation

How does your survey reach your target audience? When you create a survey, you are also faced with the question of the appropriate survey invitation. Many things are possible here, depending on the nature of your survey and the data you have from your target audience, for example: Inviting them by email, posting the survey link on social media channels, embedding the survey on your own website, or even distributing the QR code on flyers, posters & co. Choose the best way to reach your target audience for your survey – sometimes a mix of options makes sense.

6. Pretest the survey

Once you have created your survey with all questions, an optimal structure, and an attractive design, it is ready for publication. But wait, Take the time to pretest the survey so you can iron out any inconsistencies in the questionnaire flow or misleading questions before launching it properly. Send the questionnaire to a few colleagues or friends to test the survey and get feedback. If necessary, take a look at the simulated results in the evaluation menu in advance to assess whether the evaluation of the questions meets your expectations.

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