Create and design custom messages for your survey forms and event invitation forms

With the latest update of HeyForm released this week, a new and much-awaited feature has become available for all HeyForm charts of accounts.

HeyForm now gives you complete control over all messages and notifications that may appear when respondents visit your form.

You can now edit and design the following messages and notifications on your own for each form in HeyForm:

  • Feedback page for new respondents
  • Response page for respondents updating their response
  • Closed-form notification
  • Notification when the maximum number of respondents has been reached for the form
  • Message if the form has not been opened for response yet
  • Notification if it is too late to answer the form (OSA)

For all messages, you can write your own message with formatting, add images, etc. in the same way you have always been able to, for example, with the introductory description for the survey, registration form, or customer feedback form that you have previously created.