Digitize forms, that works!

Despite the fact that we live in a time where almost everything is available digitally, many companies still work with paper forms. This time-consuming and error-prone way of working can cause many problems. How can you solve this? Digitize forms!

Digitize forms, why?

Why would you want to digitize forms as a company? The thought is often, ‘New software again, we’ve been doing it in Excel for years, right? That’s going well, right?

However, that only works if everyone:

  • Fills everything out correctly
  • Does not create any personal help files
  • Records it in the right place
  • Informs colleagues directly about changes

These points often cause problems. This then leads to a lot of searching, extra time, and frustration. All of which you can solve by digitizing your forms.

Digitizing to solve problems

So digitizing forms is only useful if it solves problems. That means you do need to create the online forms in a smart way. After all, there are countless apps and tools out there. We’ve already listed the pitfalls and areas of concern in an earlier white paper. But we do more to help you make a good choice. Because you have to convince yourself.

Functions of digitizing forms

When you choose to digitize forms you will find that you can collect all the data in an easy way. There is much less work involved, as apps can collect data on their own and report automatically. This not only saves time but also significantly reduces errors. Everything is also stored in an easy way, so you can say goodbye to full archives of paper forms.

Digitizing forms, ponder before you begin!

If you want to digitize forms good preparation is very important. But once you understand the principle you will see that you can perform a lot of business activities easier and more efficiently. We already have a whole series of examples that might inspire you. Examples you probably haven’t thought of yet. In addition to digital service forms and inspection reports, you can also smartly digitize a training register, for example.