Push notifications on smartphones

A 2018 Deloitte study found that young people look at their cell phones an average of 56 times a day. Accordingly, the use of push notifications is attractive for you as a marketer. Popular content includes:

  • Sports results
  • News
  • Traffic info
  • Weather reports
  • Travel and flight info
  • Status from the parcel delivery service
  • Advertising / special offers

With push notifications, you can, for example, encourage users to open your app or to take another action. However, be careful not to flood users with messages! Otherwise, your messages will be disabled, or (even worse) your app will be completely uninstalled.

Notifications in the browser (WPN)

WPN (Web Push Notifications) can generate a similar amount of attention as app notifications. What’s more, the recipient doesn’t need a smartphone because WPNs open browser windows. You may have noticed them in the bottom right corner of the browser.