Set up PPC campaigns correctly.

In principle, placing paid advertising is child’s play. A few clicks here and there and the money starts rolling in. The only question is in which direction! To what extent a PPC campaign pays off is a different matter!

Do you already have Google Ads? Then you know the problem: Countless options open up a lot of freedom for the advertiser on the one hand, but make PPC advertising a gamble on the other. Of course, it is possible to counteract this. But until then you burn a lot of money.

Explanation of terms

Pay per Click (PPC) is by far the most common billing method for online advertising. Here, the advertiser only incurs costs if his advertising medium (e.g. a banner) is clicked. However, the mere presence of the advertising medium (views) has a not inconsiderable advertising effect.

Click fraud in PPC advertising

To identify click fraud at an early stage, be sure to look out for unusual outliers. These can be, for example, temporarily particularly high click rates. But also a conspicuously low dwell time or a very high bounce rate. Read more about this topic in this article.